Just where I post my fan art... haha! and other people's fan art. ;P
Background Illustrations provided by: http://edison.rutgers.edu/
hello! i was asking if you would mind sharing your brush tools...? i mean, specifically for the annie drawing owo?

Oh SHOOT umm…. I kinda used random brushes to be honest. I first painted the picture, then I added texture brushes for extra detail. I made an overlay layer too and on that layer, I also used random texture brushes!

My only advice to you is to just keep experimenting with brushes. XD I normally turn them on low opacity to fill the colors in, and then turn them to high opacity when I want to color the picture. c:

Oh and BTW, I used photoshop for my Annie picture. I normally use SAI. Dang it, if I used SAI for that picture, sharing you my brush options would’ve been a little easier. :X

Thanks for asking though! I’m flattered that you wanted to know my technique! ^7^